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Anyone who has invested in the above companies or films is welcome to contact me on - I have compiled and maintain a list of investors and am the point of contact with a police investigation - we need ALL investors to come forward and see that justice is done... I am not going to enter 100 words just to get this posted - please contact me - urgently etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc... Read more

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Steve wilkinson is at Gallions point marina Gallions reach alerts basin way Woolwich manor way E16 2QY

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Accountant in Brighton;Amir Shahram Moallemi,Chantry Lodge,BN45 7EE Stealth Media Group,Co No;06734539 Concorde House,Grenville Place,Mill Hill,NW7 3SA Hope this helps It seems Cowan has moved to london and closed the Brighton office but no mention of Steven Clifford Wilkinson who was being investigated by police for fraud.He was involved with Cowan in the same office and named by Cowan as the one who collected the money,goodness knows where the... Read more

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Does anyone know of the contact details for who is dealing with the particular cinematic fiasco? I last dealt with James Bedford of Spice Factory. Now this contact is no longer working unsurprisingly. i asked for the name of the accountant handling the film accounts but he did not know! Is the money gone? I have assumed as much. Does anyone know the name of stealth media's accountants. I have individual names of people who worked on this... Read more

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henry v and gummy bear both caught me for thousands if any of the above so called companys contact you steer well clear i have at least 100 e mails saved all with names attatched phone numbers the lot and unfortinatly they mean nothing and they are let stay in society and start up other scams and rip off millions of other hard working peoples money and tuck it away and live the good life while waiting to be caught up to and play the broke card... Read more

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The Police are appealing to speak with anyone who invested with Stealth after Warlord was liquidated If you have made an investment with Stealth Media or Spice factory then please contact them as they attempt to get your money back. I did some investigating myself and there seems to be a link between Stealth Media Films, Spice factory Films, Hanwood Holdings and... Read more

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You are not the only one led by Alternative Solutions into the Henry V scam which also involves Warlord Production Ltd and Stealth Media group. NB Alternative Solutions have put a password access on their Website rendering it inaccessible to the public, no longer answer their advertised 'phone No, nor do they answer emails on this subject. Full confidence there then ! NB Warlord Productions Ltd are in Liquidation (High Court of Justice No... Read more

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I only ever made one enquiry for a film investment but decided against as it looked very risky. The film was Catherine of Alexandria and the company was called hanwood holdings. Since then I have been regularly contacted for further investments by stealth media, spice factory films and now red rock entertainment. They are always very polite but either my details are passed between companies or they are one and the same. I would advise anyone... Read more

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Back in March 2013 I invested with Warlord Productions in a proposed film, Henry 5, to star Michael Caine, which would be in production by August 2013. Later casts changed to Tom Hardy, Robert Pattinson, and, amongst others, even Jason Statham. Each change affected the start date. Since August 2014 I have had no response at all from my many requests for communication. Now it is reported on the Henry 5 website that Director Suri Krishnamma... Read more

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We were advised by Alternative Solutions to invest in Henry V a proposed film production involving Stealth Media Group and Warlord Productions. Since April 2013 we have been trying to get information on this production thru the various companies mentioned on the papers we received with no luck. We were advised to send the check payable to Warlord Production to Mint Media International Ltd. in Weybridge. Today I find that Mint Media... Read more

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