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Steve is no longer available at Gallions Point Marina in London.

He has now moved to:

Peter Leonard Marina

Denton Island


East Sussex


His boat is a rotten looking white wooden old fishing boat converted into a houseboat

His mooring is accessed via Robinson Road and you will see his *** heap moored up behind a much nicer and larger houseboat but be warned he isn't planning on staying there for long!

I seem to remember hearing that he is planning on putting the boat up for sale - perhaps someone has already found him here and he is doing another runner!

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Eastleigh, England, United Kingdom #1263728

Last seen hot footing it up the M1 Scotland bound where he's got form with previous scams..

Tried buying a couple of flash cars but the sellers were soon on to his ways!

to Anonymous London, London, United Kingdom #1266226

Hi what do you mean with trying to buy flash cars? What was the scam there, thanks

Eastleigh, England, United Kingdom #1251128

Any idea where he is now??


to Anonymous Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #1256936

Hi I think I know where he is, can I help you?

to Anonymous Eastleigh, England, United Kingdom #1264824

Would help thank you..!!

to Anonymous Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom #1276130

Would Adams at SW Films know where he is ?

to Anonymous Brockhurst, England, United Kingdom #1277136

Steven Wilkinson Ltd has just issued new document,

directors, Anthony christopher Stephen Creed and Steven Cliifford Wilkinson, seems he still has companies as well as SW Films reg with the same accountant outside Brighton.

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